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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bent Wheel Bash 2009 Results

What a great event! The 2009 Bent Wheel Bash had terrific weather, an awesome off-road course, and a bunch of great riders. Top it off with the police/fire challenge, and it was a fun-filled day. We doubled the number of racers at this event from last year. Let's keep growing it! Thanks to everyone who helped out with it. A special shout-out to Gary Fraser for organizing the event. Events like this are a lot of work. We appreciate all you did, Gary! For all you racers, check out this link for the results: www.usacycling.org/results/?permit+2009-2857 The event name is Buck Creek Bent Wheel Bash.

After the race, the police/fire challenge began. This consisted of a sledgehammer challenge, body drag, fire hose challenge, 1.5 mile mountain bike course, and, finally, target practice. This might not sound like much, but string all those things together, and you have a pretty challenging event. Last spring, the police took home overall bragging rights. Apparently, the firefighters didn't like that. Aaron Barr (firefighter) defended his first place finish from last time, and the rest of his team helped the firefighters win overall this time. Here are the results for their challenge:

1. Aaron Barr (AFD) - 12:37
2. Marty Sanders (AFD) - 13.02
3. Brian Scalf (AFD) - 13.47
4. Tony Hay (AFD) - 13.55
5. Clay Grothe (APD) - 13.57
6. Joe Tauer (APD) - 14.30
7. Richard Valdez* (APD) - 15.19
8. Scott Wilkerson (AFD) - 15.40
9. Pat Edwards (AFD) - 16.26
10. James Young (APD) - 20.58
11. Greg Valentine (AFD) - 24.21
12. Stephanie Rollins (APD) - 24.29
13. Kimberly Scalf (APD) - 11.32 (modified course - no off-road)

* FYI - Richard completed this challenge AFTER competing in the Bent Wheel Bash Race of 18 miles AND he's 60+ years old. Way to go, Richard!
Thanks to everyone who came out and rode. We can't wait for next year!