“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” ~John F. Kennedy

Here at BikeTown we couldn’t agree more. We love riding our bikes and want to help as many people as we can love riding their bikes, too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mob in Mojave

Just wanted to let you know that one of our own, Aaron Barr, had a great showing at Mob in Mojave out in Las Vegas over Valentine's weekend. He competed in the Downhill and the Super D. In his age group (19-29), Aaron placed 1st in the Cat 3 Super D and 3rd in the Cat 3 Downhill. Way to go, Aaron! Send us some pictures if you have any!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Short Track XC Races at Buck Creek Trails

Get ready for a fast and furious time at the trails!
When: Sat Feb 7th
Sun Feb 22nd
Sun March 8th
Sun March 22nd
Time: 3pm
Classes: Open beginner men/women combined
Sport/Expert combined men/women
Course length: approx. 3/4 mile
Duration: 30 min. plus 1 lap
MTB, SS and cyclocross bikes welcome.
Think of it as a criterium on dirt! No entry fee. No awards. Just a lot of fun to be had by everyone. For more info email: Steve@anson4@att.net

Mas o Menos 2009

The 2009 TMBRA Spring Series has now officially begun. Mas o Menos, the first of the eight races, took place in Terlingua on February 14. Terlingua is located just a few miles NW of Big Bend National Park. A few Abilene folk turned out for it and they did well! Mas o Menos is a fairly large event with about 450-500 riders showing up for it every year. It has three different course lengths: 30k, 50k, and 100k. The Abilene crowd was competing in the 30 (cat 3) and 50k (cat 2) events.

In the picture below are Gary Fraser and Mike Sparks just after their age group started the 50k race.

Here is the view from the finish area. Aren't those hills great? At least they were from my perspective. The racers might not agree with me.

This next pic shows a crossover point. The racers finished with the trail on one side of the highway and then crossed over the road to get to the rest of the trail. See that trail going up the mountain in the background? That's where the racers are headed. They were so excited about it. Right.
Here's Jim heading around the last corner before the finish line. He was excited that he made it up that hill in the previous picture without breaking his chain like last year.

Here are the results for the racers from Abilene:

Cat 2 Men 15-18
3. Luke Allen

Cat 2 Men 30-34
7. Chad Walters

Cat 2 Men 45-49
6. Greg Allen

Cat 2 Men 50-99
2. Gary Fraser
11. Michael Sparks

Cat 3 Men 19-29
2. Jason Boone

Cat 3 Men 40-49
1. Jim MacDonald

Mas o Menos is a lot of fun and is a well-organized race. We hope a bunch of Abilene riders can make it down there next year!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes...It has been a while since a post. Hopefully, they'll be occurring a little more often now. For all those who keep checking...thanks!

As you may or may not know, the 2009 TMBRA spring series kicked off today at Mas o Menos in Terlingua. There was a 30k, 50k, and 100k race. The BikeTown crew made a good showing. We'll be finding out the final results later on, at which point I'll post them along with some pictures. Well, that's assuming I still have internet connection.

Thanks for hanging with us. Check back soon!