“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” ~John F. Kennedy

Here at BikeTown we couldn’t agree more. We love riding our bikes and want to help as many people as we can love riding their bikes, too.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


...Set your clocks back before you go to bed this Saturday. Daylight Savings Time will be ending for this year. So...if you are riding in the Bent Wheel Bash on Sunday, make sure your clock is right so you're not waiting at the gate for an hour!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bent Wheel Bash

Bent Wheel Bash is just around the corner! This Sunday, head on out to Buck Creek Trails for event #6 of the West Texas Championship Series. The entrance for this event will be the Police Academy entrance just north of the normal trail entrance. For all the entry details, prices, distances, etc. head on over to www.americancycling.org and click on Bent Wheel Bash web page.

For those of you interested in pre-riding the course, the gate to the police academy will be open on Saturday from noon till 6 pm. The gate will be locked at 6, so give yourself enough time to ride and get out of the academy parking lot by 6. There will be no pre-riding the morning of the race, but the gate will open at 7:30am for those needing to register. Registration will take place under an awning in front of the Academy building. If it's cold, registration will be inside the building.

Since the race will be going on all Sunday morning, the normal entrance to Buck Creek Trails will be locked until the race is over. It should be opened back up around two that afternoon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buck Creek Trails Time Trial Results

It was a beautiful afternoon to be out at the trails! Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and to everyone who came out to watch. We had quite a fun bunch out at the trails. Without further ado, here are the results:

1. Jason Frazee - 24:38
2. Josh Brown - 25:45
3. Aaron Barr - 26:16
4. Gary Fraser - 27:12
5. Greg Allen - 27:42
6. Luke Allen - 28:06
7. Baylor Blessing - 28:46
8. Jonathan Kiley - 29:36
9. Jim MacDonald - 29:52
10. Steve Stovall - 31:06
11. Brandon Rogers - 31:38
12. Mike Sparks - 32:26
13. Cameron Moore - 33:47
14. Danny Ellison - 36:28
15. BJ Baldridge - 43:41
16. Bill Leach - 43:44

Jason - thanks for putting everyone else to shame.
Aaron - you finally beat Gary! Don't plan on that happening real often. :)
Luke - keep trying - you'll catch your dad one of these days.

This time trial was the route that the beginners will ride at next weekend's race. So, if anyone noticed anything that can use a little help, make sure and let us know.

Check back in the next day or so for a schedule of pre-ride times for next weekend's race.

Buck Creek Time Trial Today!

It's time trial time! Come on out to the trails this afternoon and test your speed on the 7 mile route. Remember, go to the police academy parking lot this time. It is just north of the normal entrance to Buck Creek Trails. The next entrance on the right to be exact. Sign-up for the time trial will begin at 3:30 with the first rider taking off at 4:00. There is no fee to participate. Just come on out and have fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Upcoming Events at Buck Creek Trails

There are a couple events just around the corner for those who like to ride off-road.

First, there will be a time trial at Buck Creek this Saturday, October 25. It will start at 4:00 pm. There is no fee to enter. Just come on out, see how you do on the trail, and have fun! There will be water and Gatorade provided for you. ***The start area will be different than usual!*** Instead of entering the trails at the normal entrance, keep driving on East Lake Road and take the next entrance on your right (north of Buck Creek Trails). This will take you into the police academy parking lot. They are letting us use the parking lot for this time trial as well as for the next event. The time trial will start from their parking area - not from where past time trials have begun. This time trial will be about 7 miles long. We do have to be out of the parking area by 6, so you'll still have plenty of your Saturday night left after the time trial finishes. Come on out and give it a whirl!

Second, the West Texas Mountain Bike Series will have the Bent Wheel Bash at Buck Creek on Sunday, November 2. There are three different categories to race in: beginner, sport, and expert. Beginner men/women race 7 miles, sport men/women race 18 miles, and expert men/women race 27 miles. There is an entry fee of $15 for beginner, $25 for sport, and $30 for expert. Also, you have to have an ACA license to race. A one-day license can be purchased at registration for $10. Beginners 18 and under race free except for their license. Registration the day of the event will begin at 8 am and close 30 minutes prior to the event. Experts will race at 9:30 am. Sports will race at 9:35 am. Beginners will race at 9:40 am. There are awards for this event. The beginners will get medals 3 deep. The sports will get 33% payback 3 deep. The experts will get 100% payback 3 deep. We know there are a lot of you who ride Buck Creek. Come on out and see how you stack up against the competition!

Monday, October 20, 2008

See Ya at the Trails

Just a reminder that tonight is the night for Mountain Biking 101. It's beautiful outside so riding should be great tonight! Also, remember that tonight and next week will be the last two weeks for Mountain Biking 101 before we take our winter break. Hope to see ya there!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a reminder...

...that there is a benefit ride this Saturday to help support Christian Homes of Abilene. Meet at the Cisco Junior College parking lot for registration. Registration will begin at 7 am and the ride will start at 8:45. There is a 58 mile route as well as a 5 mile family route. For those riding in the 58 mile ride, the entry fee is $20. For the 5 mile ride, the entry fee is $10 per bike. So, if you have little ones in a trailer, there is no charge for them. The entry fee for both routes covers the ride, lunch, a t-shirt, and a concert at Prime Time. There will also be a kiddie crit of sorts at the Prime Time go-cart track. So, come on out on Saturday, bring the kids, and support a great cause. Hope to see ya there!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Camp Eagle

The fall TMBRA series began at the end of August and several folks from around here got to go to the first event. It was held at Camp Eagle down in Rocksprings on August 30-31. Here are the results:

Cat 2 Men, 15-18
4. Luke Allen

Cat 2 Men, 40-49
10. Greg Allen

Single Speed Men, 1-99
4. Jason Frazee

Cat 3, Women, 11-12
2. Claire Allen

Super D, Cat 1 Men, 30-39
1. Jason Frazee

Good job everyone!

If you have any pictures from the event that you want to share on the blog, just let us know. We'll be updating the blog on the next few TMBRA events soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mountain Biking 101 Tonight

We got a bit of rain last night! Unfortunately, the rain left the trails a bit soggy, so we'll need to forego the Mountain Biking 101 for tonight. Have a great Monday and hope to see you out there next week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wheels for Life

Hey, everyone - there is a fun event coming up in just two weeks. Wheels for Life is an event for everyone on wheels - bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks - if it has wheels, it can take part! Wheels for Life will benefit Christian Homes & Family Services. Christian Homes is an adoption agency here in town that has provided adoption services and foster care for over 40 years now.

Wheels for Life will start at Prime Time. There will be routes for cyclists and vehicles to follow. Cyclists will have two routes to choose from. One is 50+ miles and the other is 6-8 miles (a good one for the whole family). There will also be a fun bike ride for the kids - on the go-cart track at Prime Time. Think criterium for kiddoes.

Meet out at Prime Time on Saturday, October 18 at 7 am for bicycle registration. The entry fee is $20 which includes lunch, a concert, and a t-shirt. For more information check out their website at www.christianhomes.com .