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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buck Creek Trails Time Trial Results

It was a beautiful afternoon to be out at the trails! Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and to everyone who came out to watch. We had quite a fun bunch out at the trails. Without further ado, here are the results:

1. Jason Frazee - 24:38
2. Josh Brown - 25:45
3. Aaron Barr - 26:16
4. Gary Fraser - 27:12
5. Greg Allen - 27:42
6. Luke Allen - 28:06
7. Baylor Blessing - 28:46
8. Jonathan Kiley - 29:36
9. Jim MacDonald - 29:52
10. Steve Stovall - 31:06
11. Brandon Rogers - 31:38
12. Mike Sparks - 32:26
13. Cameron Moore - 33:47
14. Danny Ellison - 36:28
15. BJ Baldridge - 43:41
16. Bill Leach - 43:44

Jason - thanks for putting everyone else to shame.
Aaron - you finally beat Gary! Don't plan on that happening real often. :)
Luke - keep trying - you'll catch your dad one of these days.

This time trial was the route that the beginners will ride at next weekend's race. So, if anyone noticed anything that can use a little help, make sure and let us know.

Check back in the next day or so for a schedule of pre-ride times for next weekend's race.


Rhonda said...

Let the record show I am not out to knock on Josh...He crushes us all on the road... but I think the true results should be clarified...Josh came in straight on the road (this is his instict I think :)) to the finish and by mistake he skipped the long and painful grass fenceline finish....With that said I think Aaron can safely claim rights to finishing 2nd...Very nice Job, Mr Freerider/Downhiller by trade!!!

Kel said...

Rhonda -
You're right - Josh did come in on the road. He told us right when he finished that he missed the turn off to the finish. Since this was really a trial run for the course for next weekend's race, we didn't worry too much about it. (It did let us know where things need to be marked better!) And I forgot to note it when posting the results. But, you're right - it would have been very close between Josh and Aaron had the turn not been missed. It will be fun to watch them next Sunday. :)