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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bent Wheel Bash

Bent Wheel Bash is just around the corner! This Sunday, head on out to Buck Creek Trails for event #6 of the West Texas Championship Series. The entrance for this event will be the Police Academy entrance just north of the normal trail entrance. For all the entry details, prices, distances, etc. head on over to www.americancycling.org and click on Bent Wheel Bash web page.

For those of you interested in pre-riding the course, the gate to the police academy will be open on Saturday from noon till 6 pm. The gate will be locked at 6, so give yourself enough time to ride and get out of the academy parking lot by 6. There will be no pre-riding the morning of the race, but the gate will open at 7:30am for those needing to register. Registration will take place under an awning in front of the Academy building. If it's cold, registration will be inside the building.

Since the race will be going on all Sunday morning, the normal entrance to Buck Creek Trails will be locked until the race is over. It should be opened back up around two that afternoon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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