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Friday, October 26, 2007

More Info on Buck Creek Trails Time Trial

This Sunday, October 28th, make plans to be at Buck Creek Trails for an off-road time trial. Buck Creek Trails is located on East Lake Road just across the street from the water treatment plant. The trails are on the east side of the road. Plan on parking outside of the fence since the normal parking area will be in use for other activities during the time trial. Food and drinks will be provided free of charge. Bring the kids with you and load their bikes up, too. When the time trial is drawing to a close, a Kid's Kup will be held in the parking area. The time trial fun starts at 2:00 pm with the Kids Kup starting around 3:00 or 3:30, depending on how many riders are still out on the trail. (If mountain biking isn't your thing, bring your road bike and enjoy a spin out around Ft. Phantom Lake.) Come on out, enjoy riding the trails in the beautiful weather, and see if you can post the best time at Buck Creek this year. Hope to see ya there and remember - helmets are required.

Good luck to everyone riding or running in the Habitat for Humanity run/ride on Saturday!

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