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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

STORM Hill Country Challenge

The next TMBRA race was held in Comfort on April 27. Once again, BikeTown/Abilene folks had a great showing. Some pictures are included this time for your enjoyment. Here are the results:
Beginner Women, 1-10
4. Maggie Allen

Beginner Men, 1-10
17. Troy MacDonald

Beginner Men, 11-12
18. Max Tadvick
Beginner Men, 13-14
1. Luke Allen
10. Gary Tadvick
11. Jack Tadvick

Beginner Men, 19-29
2. Baylor Blessing

Beginner Men, 30-39
8. Len Tadvick

Beginner Men, 40-49
16. Jim MacDonald

Single Speed Open Men, 1-99
3. Jason Frazee

Sport Men, 50-99
7. Michael Sparks
Jim and Troy smile for the camera right before Troy's first TMBRA race

The Tadvic crew

Jason lining up for his race

I'm supposed to race with these guys?

Luke riding along

Jason on the course

Baylor's not sure if he's having fun yet

At this point Jim is still having fun

After two flats, Jim's just glad to see the finish line

Go, Luke!

Great job, Maggie!

The race at Comfort was a lot of fun and finished just in time. By the end of the awards, the cold wind and rain clouds had blown in. Glad the weather held off as long as it did!

Great job to everyone who showed up. Can't wait to see how we do out there next year!

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