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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DeLeon Melon Patch Ride

The DeLeon Melon Patch Ride was held on Saturday, August 8. Several Abilene folks participated. Five of them stayed together the whole 71 miles of the ride. There's a great summary on the BikeTown forum by Richard McLamore of how the day went. Here it is:

"Sure, it's practically Josh's home-town race, but his 3-miles-to-go attack didn't stick, mostly because almost everyone else who was left responded like (insert figure of speech denoting really hard effort here). So the lead bunch, comprised of Josh Brown (sporting a nifty BikeTown jersey), Baylor Blessing (ditto), Luke Allen (ditto), Brian Chung (I'm still not sure WHAT that jersey says), and me, wearing out the Moritz jerseys before the team changes sponsors, plus a couple of other guys who were mostly hanging on decided that Luke needed to 'win.'

It took some patient guidance to rein in the young jedi, since he seemed to want to attack through passing cars with about a half-mile to go, but after 70+ miles, Luke came across the line first.

Before the ride, the guy who parked next to the Excursion-full-of-bikes asked us 'who the big dogs were?' Letting my inner jerk out to roam a bit, I told him 'WE'RE the big dogs.'

And as it turned out, today we were."

Way to go, guys! And thanks, Richard, for the great recap!

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