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Friday, April 8, 2011

April ABC Road Time Trial Results

Time Trial season around here has begun again. The first one of 2011 was held last night. For April, it was extremely hot. The wind was also blowing quite a bit, but that didn't stop several people from showing up for it. Here are the results:

1. Patrick Stevenson - 26:01
2. JR Brock - 27:28
3. John Freemire - 27:52
4. Chuck Patton - 28:00
5. Manny Cortez - 28:41
6. Mark Spurlock - 30:17
7. Robert Kasper - 34:49
8. Hillary Moore - 36:36
Richard Linebaugh - DNF

Thanks for showing up! Next month's version will be Thursday, May 5 - same time, same place.

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