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Friday, December 7, 2007

Off-Road Time Trial This Sunday

Remember - this Sunday afternoon is the Buck Creek Trails Time Trial Stage 2! Come on out to the trails and join us in testing ourselves against the course. The time trial will start at 2:00 so be there a little early to register and warm up. Remember, there is no fee - it's free! Bring the kids again. After the time trial is over they will have their own race in and around the parking area. So, once again - please park outside the trail entrance.

It's Christmas season and several of the time trial organizers have commitments shortly after the event, so there will not be a cook-out this time around. However, there will be Gatorade and some holiday goodies for the taking.

Looking at the weather forecast, it seems that we have a chance of rain on Sunday. If it is raining, the time trial will be canceled. As we all know, riding on the trails when they are wet really messes them up and makes a lot of work for those who maintain the trails. If the weather is questionable, check the blog. We'll post an announcement on whether it's a go or not.

Have a great weekend and we're excited about seeing you at the trails on Sunday!

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