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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Time Trial Postponed

Well, folks - the weather sure is dreary! Enjoy some time curled up by a fire watching the Cowboys because the rain we got last night means the Buck Creek Trails Time Trial Stage 2 is postponed. The trail is wet and muddy and we sure don't want to make it a mess for all those who volunteer to maintain it. Right now, plan on coming out for Stage 2 next Sunday afternoon, December 16. The date is changed, but everything else stays the same. Hope to see everyone next week. Until then stay dry and warm!


Z said...

I am not sure exactly which page this comment belongs on but I have a vision for Abilene cycling that I hope might be shared for all to see and comment on! My point is this: I have some ideas for future trail developement in an overlooked area. First off, has anyone ridden in and around Kirby lake? Huge potential may exist for a trail around the lake. If you have ever played around on the existing 4x4 roads you may know what I am getting at. I was riding around on my cross bike and discovered a game trail that basically follows the power lines around the southern portion of the lake. I followed it starting at the shooting range to fairly close to the ball fields on the East side. If completly linked this would mean a trail that fully circles the lake combining 4x4 tracks, singletrack to be made, pavement roads, and the dirt road on the west side of the lake. The biggest limitation is who owns the land and is this even possible... Please chime in and let me know if you are interested in pushing this to the city.

Kel said...

Z - what are your ideas for the Kirby area?

What does everybody think about z's comment? Anyone know about the red tape that might be involved?