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Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost Time...

All right - it is almost time for the start of the TMBRA spring series 2008. This mountain bike race series has its spring start at Mas O Menos in Terlingua, TX. Terlingua is about 30 miles northwest of Big Bend National Park in far southwest Texas. TMBRA is racing at Mas O Menos as well as a state marathon series and a national ultra endurance event - 50k and 100k.

We arrived around dinner time last night and have been enjoying the beautiful weather. We hear the weather is not quite so nice back at the store in Abilene. Enjoy the cold and sleet, guys! Actually, there is a chance that we'll wake up to rain and much colder temps here in the morning.

This afternoon was spent pre-riding the course. Wooh - it is going to be fast. The TMBRA race is 30k and takes you on some single-track, jeep roads, and dry creekbeds. There is lots of sand and loose rock. There is one major climb - haven't seen it yet, but everyone talks like it is a killer. Sounds like most people walk it. If you survive to the top, it sounds like it's all downhill from there.

We'll let you know how things go tomorrow. Have a great weekend and happy riding!


Z said...

I thought the TMBRA race at MAS O MENOS was a full 100k? Come on now guys, are you chickening out on the "real" fun? What's this measly 30k stuff? If I had the time and ability to make the long trip to the race I'd want ride more than a measly 30k...Don't bring it weak! I know, how can a guy sitting in a warm house in Abilene give you all crap? I shouldn't, but it's jealousy bringing out my good natured fun...

Have fun and a great ride!
Ride on...on a rigid 29er singlespeed...of course!

Kel said...

Thanks for the love, Jason! Wish you were here with us - maybe next year. Hey, plan on riding the full 100k. :)