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Sunday, July 6, 2008

National Qualifiers

Lots of folks from around here participated in at least one of the TMBRA spring series races. For those of you new to this, TMBRA stands for Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association. TMBRA holds a series of races every fall and spring in different venues all over the state. Mountain bikers from all over Texas come and compete in these events. There are several different levels riders can choose to compete in, from the age 10 and under beginner kids all the way up to semi-pro (one level under professional). At these races, if you place in the top few spots in your category, you can qualify for the national race held in July. This year's nationals take place on July 16-20 in Mt. Snow, Vermont. And would you take a look at this! The following list is all the riders from Abilene who qualified for the national competition.

Women Juniors 10 and under
Claire Allen
Maggie Allen

Women Beginner 30-39
Brenda Andress

Men Junior 10 and under
Troy MacDonald

Men Junior 13-14
Luke Allen
Gary Tadvick
Jack Tadvick

Men Beginner 19-24
Baylor Blessing

Men Beginner 25-29
Aaron Andress

Men Beginner 30-39
Len Tadvick

Men Beginner 40-49
Gary Fraser
Jim MacDonald

Men Sport 25-29
Andrew Andress
Josh Brown

Men Sport 35-39
JR Ramon

Men Sport 40-49
Greg Allen

Men Sport 50+
Michael Sparks

Men Single-Speed Open
Jason Frazee

Congratulations everyone! You guys did fantastic! Check back for an update on who is actually making the trip to compete at nationals in Mt. Snow, Vermont.

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