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Saturday, July 5, 2008

X-Bar Shootout

Here are the results for the final race of the TMBRA spring series. It took place at the X-Bar Ranch, just outside of El Dorado on May 18th. Once again, folks from around here had a good showing. Take a look at the results and some pictures from the event.

Beginner Men, 1-10
15. Troy MacDonald

Beginner Men, 19-29
2. Baylor Blessing

Beginner Men, 40-49
2. Gary Fraser
3. Jim MacDonald

Beginner Women, 11-12
3. Claire Allen*

Single Speed Open Men, 1-99
5. Jason Frazee

Sport Men, 15-16
3. Luke Allen*

* Competed in an older age group for this final race

Here's Jason on his first lap of the day.

Greg is still enjoying the ride at this point. His bike had some trouble later on. Luckily, he didn't have to walk too far.

Gary is finishing strong.

So is Troy.

Jason is loving the swag he won.

Great job, guys!

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