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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

STORM Hill Country Challenge

The 6th race in the TMBRA spring series took place in Comfort on April 19th. Here are the results for the locals:

Cat 2 Men 15-18
1. Luke Allen

Cat 2 Men 45-49
5. Greg Allen
Cat 3 Men 50+
3. Gary Fraser
4. Michael Sparks

Cat 2 Women 30-39
2. Brenda Andress

Cat 3 Men 1-10
10. Trent MacDonald
12. Troy MacDonald

Cat 3 Men 40-49
1. Jim MacDonald

Cat 3 Women 1-10
1. Maggie Allen
Enjoy some pictures from the event. First up is Greg at the start of his race.

Gary at the finish of his.

Here's Brenda beginning her race.

And Jim finishing his.

Trent (on the far left) was excited to get into the top 10 for the second time.

If you'll look on the left of the next picture, you'll see the highlight of the whole weekend for many of those in attendance. The ice cream four-wheeler. Yes, a couple of guys drove that around all weekend with those white coolers attached to the front and handed out...yep...ice cream. No charge. As much as you wanted. All the kids were really excited. The adults were, too.

Good job, everyone! Next race coming soon.

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