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Thursday, May 28, 2009

X-Bar Results

X-Bar was the last race in the TMBRA Spring Series. It took place on May 17 in El Dorado. On to the results for the local folk...

Cat 2 Men 15-18
1. Luke Allen

Cat 2 Men 45-49
1. Greg Allen

Cat 2 Men 50-99
Gary Fraser - DNF

Cat 3 Men 1-10
9. Trent MacDonald
10. Troy MacDonald

Cat 3 Men 19-29
2. Baylor Blessing

Cat 3 Men 40-49
6. Jim MacDonald

Cat 3 Women 1-10
1. Maggie Allen

Cat 3 Women 11-12
3. Claire Allen

Enjoy a few pictures from the race.
Here is Baylor about to claim 2nd place.

Jim got to walk the last mile of his race thanks to a derailleur bent into the spokes. Oops. Notice Gary and Baylor already looking at the bike. Jim, Gary, and Baylor - always the mechanics.

X-Bar claimed another BikeTown victim. On his first lap, Gary ended up with a slash in his tire, so he made it to the end of the lap and then had to DNF. Not a good day for Gary and Jim.

These two had a little more fun. They were pretty pleased to be in the top ten.

Greg had a great race - 1st place!

Way to go, Abilene folk! You all did great this spring series!

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