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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buck Creek Fall Series Time Trial Results

Thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday for the latest event in the Buck Creek Fall Series. We had a time trial of about 6 miles, some hot dogs on the grill, and then a mini-time trial for the kids. Here are the results:

Time Trial
1. Josh Brown - 23:53
2. Gary Fraser - 24:10
3. Jim MacDonald - 25:15
4. Tracy Jarvis - 27:57
5. Grant Woods - 28:15
6. Todd Sage - 32:22
7. Ryan "Grady" Johnson - 32:50
Brian Chung* - 22:09
Trent MacDonald* - 27:57
Ryan Ware - DNF

* Brian and Trent missed a turn somewhere along the way, so their course was a tad shorter.

Short Time Trial around Little Mac's Meadow (supposedly for the kids, but some big kids got involved, too)
1. Gary Fraser - 1:50
2. Jim MacDonald - 1:51
3. Trent MacDonald - 2:20
4. Troy MacDonald - 2:36
5. Paige MacDonald - 3:57
6. Reese MacDonald - 7:12
7. Grant Woods - 7:14 (Grant added a bit of mileage to his time trial.)

Thanks to everyone coming on out for the fun! We've had new faces at each event - we love that! We love riding our bikes and love it when others enjoy their bikes, too.

There is one more event in the Buck Creek Fall Series: The Bent Wheel Bash. It will take place on Sunday, November 1. This XC race is part of the West Texas Series and will benefit the Abilene Police Bike Unit. There will be all sorts of stuff going on at the Bent Wheel Bash: an XC race, a kids' race, good food, and a police-fireman challenge. It'll be a lot of fun, so make plans to be out there! I'll be posting some more info about it soon.

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