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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bar H Bash

Well, the Bar H Bash in St. Jo was this past weekend. There were several riders from Abilene that made the trek out there. There were some great trails and good competition. Bar H is a large parcel of land just outside of St. Jo. For those who have never been to St. Jo, it is about 80 miles or so northwest of Ft. Worth. The ranch has done a great job of building trails. There is a lot of fun downhill, some good cross-country, and, of course, some beastly climbs. I guess you have to have the uphill to enjoy the sweet downhill. Those who showed up on Saturday had beautiful weather to preride the course. It was sunny and almost hot! Race day, however, dawned cloudy, cool and windy! Fortunately, the forecasted rain never materialized. The wind stayed strong the entire day, but that didn't stop the Abilenians from making a good showing. Here are some of the results:

Beginner Junior Women, 1-10
Claire Allen - 1st
Maggie Allen - 6th

Beginner Master Women, 30-39
Brenda Andress - 2nd

This was Brenda's first race and not only was she 2nd in her age division, she was 2nd overall for beginner women. Way to go, Brenda!

Beginner Junior Men, 13-14
Luke Allen - 2nd

Beginner Senior Men, 20-29
Aaron Andress - 13th

Beginner Master Men, 40-49
Jim MacDonald - 4th

Sport Senior Men, 19-29
Andrew Andress - 7th

Sport Master Men, 35-39
JR Ramon - 13th

Sport Master Men, 40-44
Greg Allen - 8th

Even with a broken bike for basically the whole race, Andrew still finished 7th.
JR on his first loop around the course
Greg about to start loop #2
Luke waiting for his group to start
Jim doing the same

And here we have Captain America!

Congrats to everyone who rode - keep up the good work! We'll see ya in Waco in a couple of weeks.

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