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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Steam-N-Wheels 2008

The weather cooled off a bit from yesterday just in time to start the 2008 version of Steam-N-Wheels. Other than some wind, the weather was nice - clear skies with not a hint of rain! That's a welcome change from the last few years. Jim and Gary were at their places early, helping out with any last minute bike fixes. They stayed pretty busy until the gun went off.

Lots of riders participated in this year's event. A good number of Abilenians showed up to support the local event. Thanks, y'all! At this point in time, we know that the top local rider was Thomas Talley. He was 3rd overall in the 48 mile event. Good job, Thomas! If anyone has results that you'd like to share leave us a comment, please. We'd love to publish it.

As I was walking around handing out fliers and getting kids registered and ready for the new kids' rodeo, the camera didn't budge from its place over my shoulder. So, you'll have to make due with a couple shots of the new event that took place after the cyclists left. As I mentioned a few sentences back, there was a kids' rodeo this year. It was nice for the younger family members to have something to do while waiting for mom or dad to finish the ride. For a new event, quite a few kids registered. Hopefully, it will grow every year!

After riding for a while, all the kids were treated to a snack and got the chance to see and pet a monitor lizard. Thanks to the Abilene Zoo for arranging that. Kids and reptiles are always a fun combination.

If anyone has some good pictures from today's events, email them to us (use the link at the bottom of the page) and we'll get them online. Thanks to everyone who helped with the ride today!


Z said...

Don't forget about the renegade 29er rider know as yourself truly...I tried with all my butt and legs could muster but I couldn't handle the attacks the Cat 1 rider (that eventually won the race) was throwing down... I stayed with the lead group of seven for about 10 miles but the Cat 1 guy attacked just after I put in a long pull up front... I couldn't match the acceleration. I sat up and regrouped with two more stragglers for a brutal ride. We caught a dropped guy from the lead group of 4 at mile 35and rode in for the finish. The dropped guy started attacks again within our foursome with about 1 mile to go just after one of my pulls (he must have known I was cooked). He splintered our foursome along with my legs and I rode in alone for 7th overall and 2nd in my age group. Overall Abileneans did very well...taking many of the age group prizes.

Z said...

I forgot to add some of the fellas from VT Bike stuff did rather well:
I don't have the exact order of finish but I do know there was a group of Abileneans in the group that finished behind our 4some...I think the VT crew had finishers in 8th, 10th 15th, and 25th overall...don't quote me on those numbers...it should be in the paper tomorrow according to the race director.
Anyone riding the trails tomorrow?