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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bicycles Outback Blowout

Another TMBRA race has come and gone. This one took place in Waco at Cameron Park. They have a nice trail going all over the city park. Once again, Abilenians had a good showing. The results are as follows:
Beginner Junior Women, 1-10
1st - Claire Allen
Beginner Master Women, 30-39
4th - Brenda Andress
Beginner Men, 13-14
1st - Luke Allen
Beginner Master Men, 40-49
6th - Jim MacDonald
Sport Master Men, 35-39
7th - JR Ramon
Sport Master Men, 40-44
19th - Greg Allen
Sport Master Men, 50+
2nd - Michael Sparks
It was a great day for the race. Great job to everyone who showed up. Can't wait to see you at the next one!
Way to go, JR!

Claire after her race

Nothing like getting cut off and going down hard on asphalt in the opening yards. Better luck next time, Greg!

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