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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bicycles Outback Blowout Results

All right - here are some more results for the TMBRA spring series. Bicycles Outback Blowout took place at the trails at Cameron Park in Waco on March 22. Here are the results for the Abilene folks:
Cat 2 Men 19-29
18. Chester Blessing

Cat 2 Men 40-45
13. Greg Allen

Cat 2 Men 50+
9. Gary Fraser

Cat 2 Women 30-39
3. Brenda Andress

Cat 3 Men 1-10
12. Trent MacDonald
20. Troy MacDonald

Cat 3 Men 19-29
4. Baylor Blessing

Cat 3 Men 40-49
1. Jim MacDonald

Cat 3 Women 1-10
2. Maggie Allen

Cat 3 Women 11-12
3. Claire Allen

Good job,everyone! Look for the next set of results soon.

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