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Monday, April 20, 2009

More Hammerfest Results

Edited to add: Brian was 1st in the hill climb, not 5th. Sorry for the mistake!

Thanks to Richard who let me know about some other Abilene riders who raced in the Ft. Davis Hammerfest. They also fared quite well. Brian Chung, racing cat 5, placed 5th in the hill climb, 1st in the time trial, and 6th in the road race. He ended up 3rd overall. Way to go, Brian! Richard McLemore, racing cat 3 masters, placed 25th in the hill climb, 26th in the time trial, 26th in the road race, and 26th overall. Good job, Richard! Great to see the Abilene folk out racing and doing well. Keep it up, guys!


Z said...

More clarification on this post:
Brian Chung won the hill climb and placed 5th in the TT event...overall he placed 3rd in GC overall. Sorry for the confusion but I am certain on my correction as I rode with him and followed the results.

Z said...

Kelly...Thank you for dealing with all the oain and efforts of keeping the Abilene riders posted with the most correct info. We all appreciate your work

Z said...

I have results from our Road pursuits this weekend in DFW if you are interested...we did rather well in all the Cat 5 events...I here the Biketown folks did well on the trails as well down in my personal favorite venue...Jimmy Mac...1st AGAIN, well done! I think an upgrade to Cat 2 is in your near future...and my favorite wrench in town Gary Fraser 3rd in his division...impressive! I love to see great results and just wish I could compete in all these great events! We have a cycling movement going on here in town... let's do everything we can to deconflict local events and further the sport!

hepular said...

No, I sucked in every possible meaning of the word. Lousy, lousy, lousy, but thanks for the nice words.

Kel said...

Thanks for the clarification guys. And, yes, we'd be happy to post the results you have. Just send them our way.