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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Police/Fire Challenge

The police/fire challenge and race benefiting the police unity tour was held this past Sunday and, man was it fun! It started with a 10.5 mile XC race, which our own Gary Fraser won. There was also a 2 mile race which Trent MacDonald won. Good job, guys!

The riders getting lined up before the race:

Travis Crisman just made it to the line in front of his competitor for 4th place.

Following the race was the police/fire challenge. Basically, several firemen and police officers squared off against each other to see who could complete a set of fire skills, police skills, and mountain biking first.

After being briefed on how things would go, the fun began. First came the sledgehammer challenge. Each participant had to use the hammer to move a heavy metal block the length of the boards they were standing on.
Then came the body drag. Each participant had to pick up a 175 lb. "body" and drag it around some cones and back.

Then there was the fire hose challenge. Just snake the hose through the cones...

...and knock the orange cone off the barrel. Of course, all this was being timed.

As soon as the cone was knocked over and the hose turned off, it was time to run to the bikes and head out for 2 miles of trail riding.

After the nice bike ride that got the heart rate good and going (as if all the other stuff hadn't already done that), it was time to pick up the gun and calmly fire 5 shots at a target. Getting the shots on the black circle earned the participant some time taken off their final score. Likewise, missing the target got them a penalty.

When all was said and done, the winner this time was Aaron Barr, firefighter.

Enjoy the bragging rights till next time, Aaron! And thanks to all the men and women from the police and fire departments who participated!
For those who missed it this go around, the next challenge will be in November in conjunction with the Bent Wheel Bash. We'll let you know as soon as the date is set.

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Z said...

Awesome event, Nice job to Biketown promoting the sport I am sad I was unable to attend...But it looks like Gary is the Man again...The Old Wheelie Man is putting it down this spring...I love it! I am going to switch from my recent road pursuits in a couple weeks to my true calling and throw everything I have into the X Bar event...Of course I will race Single Speed in a Biketown Jersey...I can't wait. My family and I are looking forwards to camping out with you all...Cheers!